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Braintree 2-Factor Authentication

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In response to security breaches within Braintree, my team was tasked with enabling merchants to make two-factor authentication (2FA) mandated for all of their secondary users. This change was designated a PX project and completion of design was expected within one week.

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Working closely with the team—which included product managers, a designer, a lawyer, a compliance officer, and several engineers—we created an intuitive experience that enabled the admin to mandate 2-factor authentication for all their secondary users. We also made adoption of 2FA simpler for users, creating a simplified and elegant experience while bringing the importance of 2FA and its added security to the forefront. All told, the 2FA project went live in less than two weeks.

The results were quick and exceeded all expectations:

Previously, only about 3% of Braintree users had adopted 2FA for added security.

Converted users: 82.44%

Avg. Daily Conversion: 39.91%

Ramped up to 100% globally for all Braintree users

90.6% of active users enabled 2FA

For reference, over 13,000 businesses in 45 countries use Braintree

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