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The Launch of PayPal Zettle

In 2021, PayPal acquired a point of sale solution from Europe called iZettle. Changing the name initially to PayPal Zettle, my team and I were tasked with creating and launching the first marketing pages for PayPal Zettle, including product pages, pricing, and more.

As lead content designer, I collaborated with a team of product managers, designers, engineers, and legal and compliance officers to quickly created several different pages directed primarily at merchants with physical, in-person stores. These pages included not only POS software that could be used to track inventory and sales for retailers and food and beverage businesses, but hardware to be used for in-person or contactless payments.

Upon launch, PayPal Zettle instantly took off, and is now used by small to medium retail and dining businesses in 13 countries globally. Zettle allows businesses to manage their inventory and sales all under the PayPal umbrella, simplifying and automating much of their work and enabling a more efficient way to manage their physical stores.

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